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Custom Work

In Asian tradition, the immediate, energetic nature of Brush Painting has lent itself especially well to commissioned work for specific locations and occasions.

The artist enjoys working one-on-one to create appropriate site-specific or personalized images for her clients. This can take the form of a custom-made original painting that is specialized to their needs or location, or a version of an image that is no longer available as an original brush painting.

Two examples of recent projects are below:

Bamboo Moon Series

Shown below right, are two images from the “Bamboo Moon” series that were commisioned from the original painting, “Bamboo Moon – Tranquility," on the left.

Custom Hydrangea Trio

The image below, on the right, is an original, monogrammed brush painting, “Hydrangea Trio for Julia,” that was custom designed and painted in the style of “Cape Hydrangea Trio” (left), to celebrate the birth of a baby girl.

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